Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Structure and Duties of the Student Advising Unit

- 2020/08/17

Student Advising Unit

The unit includes the following committees:

  • Academic Advising Committee
  • Educational Advising Committee
  • Student Rights Protection Committee

Duties of the Student Advising Unit:

  1. Preparing and distributing the student's academic advising booklet to the students at the beginning of each semester, along with publishing an electronic copy of it on the department's website.
  2. Arranging a meeting with the newcomer students.
  3. Arranging periodical meetings with the department's students.
  4. Encouraging the academic staff to communicate with the students through the various communication means.
  5. Supervising the Student Council.
  6. Conducting academic follow-up of students, providing them with advise and guidance, and directing them according to their academic level.
  7. Preparing periodical reports on the academic problems that some students may encounter during the different years at college.
  8. Preparing reports on proposed solutions for solving the problems presented, and following them up to ensure their implementation.
  9. Informing the students about the results of them submitting their problems to the Advising Unit and the proposed solutions.
  10. Preparing the students to visit the academic accreditation office, encouraging them to participate effectively in the various committees in the department and raising awareness of their roles and their significance in obtaining academic accreditation for the program.
  11. Submitting a report on the unit's work at the end of each semester.