Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vision, Mission and Objectives of the Physics Department

- 2021/01/11


Achieving leadership in physics and medical physics at the local and international levels and actively participating in the community institutions.


Innovation and excellence in higher education and scientific research in physics and medical physics, the graduation of students highly skilled scientifically and technically, and the contribution to the service and development of the community.


  1. To achieve leadership in higher education, scientific research and community service.
  2. To upgrade graduates level through the achievement of comprehensive quality standards.
  3. To prepare advanced and innovative educational programs that qualify the graduates to keep up with the requirements of knowledge society and labor market.
  4. To provide students with basic knowledge and skills in physics and medical physics.
  5. To promote scientific research and to qualify specialized scientific and professional cadres to contribute to carrying out distinguished scientific and practical researches.
  6. To serve community organizations through effective partnerships.
  7. To form partnerships with research centers and prestigious global universities.
  8. To attract distinguished scientific and administrative cadres.