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Judicial Evidence Service

- 2021/08/25

Judicial Evidence

The Arab Lawyers [Al-Mohamoon Al-Arab] Network provides its clients with the legal (judicial) evidence preparation service as a paid legal service. To define this service, the Network has prepared the following question-answer guide.

What is the legal evidence preparation service?

The idea of the legal service preparation service is based on achieving interaction between the Arab Lawyers Network and the client, through providing assistance in research and establishing referential origins of legal information.

Through this service, the Network moves from the stage of presenting legislation and judicial rulings issued in the state to an advanced stage related to the collection of legislation and judicial rulings related to a specific legal topic, based on the client's demand.

In other words, the client who requests the service of preparing legal evidence needs only to specify the legal characterization of the facts that he wants to research, or let him submit an application and the department will do the characterization for him. After that, the network specialists search for everything related to this topic, including laws (regulations), decrees, decisions, and adjudications issued in the country to which the client belongs.

What are the levels of research for preparing legal evidence?

There are three levels of finding legal evidence, as follows:

At the first level, the search is conducted for legislation and judicial rulings within a specific country from the countries whose encyclopedias were published by the Network.

The second level is intended to search for legislation and judicial rulings related to the subject within the Gulf states.

At the third level, the search is for legislation and judicial rulings in published Egyptian court rulings, such as the Court of Cassation, the Supreme Administrative Court, the Constitutional Court, the Court of Appeal, and the Economic Court, as well as the opinion of jurisprudence, focusing on the most important literature on the topic.

The fourth level encompasses extended research of an academic nature, which differs from one topic to another. It is carried out through the network's recruited academic researchers with specialization and experience.

What is the role of the client requesting the service of preparing legal evidence?

The client is only required to submit a search request on the topic that he specifies, without the need to mention the facts about it. For example:

For the first level, the client may request the following: The impact of emergency economic conditions on the implementation of the contract in the jurisprudence of the Saudi, Emirati, or Kuwaiti judiciary.

For the second level, the impact of emergency economic conditions on the implementation of the contract in the jurisprudence of the Saudi, Emirati and Kuwaiti judiciary, or the Gulf judiciary.

For the third level, the effect of emergency economic conditions on the implementation of the contract in the jurisprudence of the Gulf and Egyptian judiciary; or to request the definition of the criminal intent in the crime of bribery.

In all cases, the research team will try to adapt the requests to facilitate research on their topics.

Does the service include writing a legal memorandum for the client by the Network Research Center?

This service is limited to collecting all legal evidence only, depending on the level of service, of regulatory legislation, judicial precedents, and jurisprudential references, without involving, in any case, giving an opinion or writing a memo to the client. The client has to extract his conclusions through the legal information that the Network Research Center has collected, and write his legal note the way he deems appropriate.

What are the controls for a single request according to the network concept, in line of which the contract is made?

1. The request must be realistic and true, based on a case heard in court. This is in order to define a clear framework for this service.

2. It has to be for a single subject. If an application consists of several topics, each topic will count as a separate application.

What is the period after which the client’s request to benefit from the service is answered?

The response will be, Allah willing, on average, within two working days from the date of the client's request. In general, the topic is what determines the period.

Do the materials that will be sent to the client in response to his request include links to the site, or Word files?

The response will be through a message sent to the client's mail, with attached links to related topics, according to the search results and the topic.

How to make an application?

The application shall be available to university staff by submitting an electronic ticket through the following link (click here).

What is the difference between the legal evidence preparation service, and customer services in the Arab Lawyers Network?

The differences between the two services can be summarized as follows:

1. In terms of concept:

The legal evidence preparation service is based on the idea of compiling all the regulatory legislations, judicial rulings, titles of books and jurisprudential references, related to the legal subject determined by the client. As for the customer services in the Arab Lawyers Network, it has to do with helping the client who searches on one of the network’s sites but is unable to reach legislation (bylaw), or a specific judicial ruling (i.e., specific legislation with a number, a specific name, or a court ruling with a unique number...) The client may also receive technical assistance.

In other words, the service of preparing legal evidence is an extended service that deals with legislation, judicial rulings, and juristic references for a specific topic. As for the legal researcher's service, it is limited to specific legislation or judicial judgment that the subscriber wants, but is unable to reach.

2. In terms of the role that the client has to play to benefit from the two services:

The client, in the service of preparing legal evidence, is only required to specify the topic he wants. The Network Research Center shall collect all legislation, judicial precedents, law and jurisprudential references related to this topic. As for customer services, the client will be asked to specify the legislation number, the title he seeks, or the adjudication number he wants. The network administration searches for it and sends the result to the client.

3. In terms of controls and conditions for benefiting from both services:

The legal evidence preparation service is an independent multi-level paid activity requested by network clients for a special fee. Specific conditions and controls need to be abided by in order to benefit from it. In general, it is a commitment by the Arab Lawyers Network to make every effort to search for evidence related to a specific topic. These are evidences that are not limited, being subject to the effort of the researcher. As for the legal researcher service, it is a free service available to all clients of the network sites with valid subscriptions. It is only required that the customer's subscription is still valid.