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About the Journal

- 2018/09/08

About the Journal

The UQU Journal of Arabic Languages and Literature is considered as a successor of the UQU Journal of Sharia Sciences and Arabic Language. First issued in 1999 (1429H), twenty issues of the journal had been issued till 2007 (1428H), before the UQU Scientific Board issued a resolution on Muharram 13, 1429H, based on which names of some UQU journals were changed, and seven new university journals were added, each of which is specialized in one strain of human knowledge. Of those was the UQU Journal for Arabic Language and Literature, which was initiated as of the academic year 1429H. In this journal, linguistic, critical, stylistic and literary studies have been published, leveraging from the theoretical and practical approaches, both modern and traditional; as well as analytical studies that revisit the Islamic heritage in light of modern linguistic theories and approaches.

The first issue was published in Muharram 1430H. It is a semi-annual, bilingual journal in which studies are published in Arabic and English. Besides, it accepts studies written in other languages such French and German.


To be the leading journal in publishing studies and researches with relation to linguistics and literature, and to be among the world's prestigious linguistic journals.  


To provide a space for academic research based on objectivity in linguistic and literary areas; and in the meantime be commensurate with the internationally approved research standards.


To publish ground-breaking research in the Journal's interest areas, and pay close attention to all forms of research activity: writing, investigation, translation, and applying emerging theories and methods to linguistic studies.

Current Issue 

Issue no. 19

Previous Issues

Issues no. 1-16 are available at the UQU website in PDF format.

Achievements of the Journal

The journal, in its new look, has been published since the academic year 2009 (1430H). To date, 16 issues have been published, at a rate of two issues per year. And it is intended to increase the number of issues to 4 issues per year.

The total number of researches published in the journal (Arabic and English) amounted to 83 studies, covering all interest areas: linguistics, literature, theoretical and applied sciences.


Current Editorial Board


Prof. Abdurrahman H. al-Aref

Members of the Editorial Board

  •  Prof. Abdullah S. al-Qarni
  •  Prof. Yaseen M. Abul-Hijaa
  •  Dr. Dhafer G. al-Amri
  • Dr. Abdulmajeed T. Omar
  •  Dr. Saadah T. al-Daadi


 Editorial Board Members' Resumes


1. Prof. Abdurrahman bin Hassan al-Aref

- PhD of general linguistics, 1416H

- Currently working as professor of theoretical and applied linguistics at UQU Institute of Arabic Language, and editor-in-chief of the UQU Journal of Arabic Language and Literature

- Worked as Head of the Arabic Language and Literature Center at the Research and Islamic Heritage Revival Institute, and then vice dean of the Research Institute for Culture and Publishing

- Participated in many academic conferences and symposia, locally and overseas

- Published over 20 studies in peer-reviewed Arabic journals

- Participated in many training courses overseas as a professor of Arabic language and Islamic culture teachers. The courses were organized in: Malaysia, Bangladesh, Comoros, Thailand, and Canada

 - Represented the university in many international book fairs

- Member in many research centers and academic societies, as well as consulting boards of some scientific journals across the Arab world

   Research Works:

 -  تـمَّـــام حسَّـــان رائــــدًا لغويًـــا (Commemorative Book), Books World (Alam al-Kotob), Cairo, 2002

-  الإدغـام الكبير، لأبي عمرو الدَّاني (Study & Investigation), Books World (Alam al-Kotob), Cairo, 2003.

- اتجــاهات الدراســات اللسانــية المعاصرة في مــصـر, OEA Books,

     Beirut, Lebanon, 2013

- لغة الإعلان التِّجاري في التليفزيون السُّعودي(Yet to be published, 2013).