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Umm Al-Qura University Journal of Shari`ah and Islamic Sciences is a periodical peer-reviewed journal issued quarterly by Umm Al-Qura University for publishing scientific research in the field of Shari`ah and Islamic Studies that have not previously been published by any other body, after being reviewed by the editorial board and peer-reviewed by specialized reviewers outside the editorial board.

The UQU Journal of Shari`ah and Islamic Studies is an extension of the UQU Journal of Shari`ah Sciences, Arabic Language, and Literature, which was first issued in 1419 A.H., corresponding to 2020 A.C. A total of 43 issues of this journal were published up to 1428 A.H. (2007). Then, on Muharram 13, 1429 A.H., a decision was made by the Scientific Council to change the names of some UQU journals and publish seven new journals, each specializing in certain aspects of human and scientific knowledge.

Accordingly, UQU Journal of Shari`ah and Islamic Studies commenced its research activity. The first issue after changing its name was issue no. (44) of Dhul-Qi`dah 1429 A.H., corresponding to November, 2008 A.C. It fulfilled the responsibility of publishing research in the sciences of Shari`ah and Islamic Studies, such as: Qur'anic studies, the Prophetic Sunnah, Islamic creed (Aqidah), Islamic Da`wah, Islamic culture, Usul Al-Fiqh (principles of Islamic jurisprudence), and judicial studies and regulations.

Vision, Mission and Aims


To become a pioneer journal in the field of publishing research papers on the various sciences of Shari`ah and Islamic studies, and to take a place among the renowned, internationally accredited journals.


To disseminate peer-viewed research in the fields of the sciences of Shari`ah and Islamic studies, according to international publishing and arbitration standards.


  1. To make the journal a reliable scientific reference in the sciences of Shari`ah and Islamic studies.
  2. To publish peer-reviewed scientific research in the sciences of Shari`ah and Islamic studies.
  3. To increase the number of reference citations in journal research.
  4. To develop the journal for it to be included in the international classification of scientific journals.
  5. To actively participate in building a knowledge community by publishing research which contribute to the development of the community.

Journal Scope

  • The Noble Qur'an and its sciences.
  • The Sunnah and its sciences.
  • The Islamic creed (`Aqidah), as well as religions and sects.
  • Islamic Da`wah and culture
  • Orientalism and Western studies on Islam.
  • Islamic Fiqh.
  • Usul Al-Fiqh (principles of Islamic jurisprudence)
  • Purposes of the Islamic Shari`ah.
  • Judicial studies.
  • Comparative studies between Islamic law and man-made law.
  • Islamic economics and finance.



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