Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice Deanship of the Institute for Educational Affairs and Relationships

- 2018/05/28

The Vice Deanship supervises the educational process of the Institute’s students and is under the supervision of the Institute's Dean and board.

Vice Deanship tasks:

  • Accepting new students.
  • Supervising the educational process within the two departments of the Institute.
  • Supervising academic schedules within the two departments.
  • Supervising academic actions of students (requesting an excuse for studying, postponement, academic dismissal, graduates).
  • Supervising the nomination of graduate students from the Department of Arabic to study at the University’s colleges.
  • Supervising student activities, events and contests.
  • Organizing an orientation week for new students.
  • Supervising the Unit of Quality.
  • Preparing and coordinating MoUs with the bodies that serve the students of the Institute. It implements the items of these MoUs following their signing and approval by the two parties involved.

The units affiliated to the Vice Deanship:

  • Committee for the Admission of New Students.
  • Committee for the Nomination of Graduate Students for colleges.
  • Language Activities Club.
  • Quality Committee.
  • Fourth Standard Committee (Learning and Teaching).
  • Scientific Forum Committee for University Students.
  • University Role Model Competition Committee.