Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2018/05/28


The institute was established in 1399H as an independent educational institute under the name of “Arabic Language Institute for Non-Arabs” then its name was changed to “Arabic Language Institute for Non-native Speakers”.

Before that, the institute was established in 1395H as an offshoot of the College of Shari'a and Islamic Studies, until a decision was issued by the then-Deputy Prime Minister late king Fahd bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, May Allah rest his soul in peace, in 1399 to turn it into an institute with a separate deanship.

 The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers annual scholarships to Muslim students all over the world, including:

        Free education.

        Free housing for singles. As for the couples, who won scholarships to study in the university, they can coordinate with each other and get a housing unit at their own expense.

        A monthly reward of SAR 850 per student.

        A free round-trip ticket to the disciplined students annually to visit their families in the summer vacation.

        Free textbooks.

        Free medical services for students at the university’s medical center or public hospitals.

        Professors specialized in the teaching of Arabic language to non-native speakers.

        Linguistics laboratories to help students learn Arab language.

        A department for educational media.

        A scientific library filled with books on how to teach Arabic language to non-Arabs.

        Meals at affordable prices at the university’s restaurants.

Students, who got an “A” and did not fail in any subject throughout their study at the university, will be eligible to complete their study at any college of the university and obtain a bachelor’s degree in one of the currently available specialties, which are:

        Arabic language and literature

        Islamic Shari’a

        D'awa and Fundamentals of Religion



To turn the institute into a global destination for those aspiring to learn Arabic language using  advanced technologies.



        Contribute to the spread of Islam.

        Take pride in the teaching of Arabic language to non-native speakers.

        Provide a professional and high-level performance.

        Communicate with other cultures effectively.

        Seek continuous innovation and development.

        Promote teamwork.



 The institute seeks achieving a number of objectives, including:

        To teach Arabic language and its literature to non-Arab Muslims and provide them with detailed information about Islam in a manner that helps spread it, as well as rehabilitating non-Arab Muslims to join any college of Umm Al-Qura University.

        To prepare efficient professors, who are able to teach Arabic language to non-native speakers.

        To carry out field researches and experiences with an aim of developing curricula and methods of teaching Arabic language to non-native speakers.

        To cooperate with Islamic institutions and bodies in the field of teaching Arabic language and spreading Da’wa (Islamic call).

        To exchange expertise with scientific institutions specialized in the field of teaching Arabic language to non-native speakers.

        To organize training courses for professors, who were chosen to teach Arab language in Islamic countries.