Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice Deanship of the Institute for Islamic Heritage Verification Affairs

- 2020/11/18

The Vice Deanship of the Institute for Islamic Heritage Verification Affairs is one of the deanships of the Institute of Manuscripts and Islamic Heritage Revival. It is concerned with achieving the vision and mission of the institute with regard to planning and implementing research programs in Islamic heritage at the institute, in terms of: collection, indexing, classification, verification, study, and publishing.

Vice Dean:


Faisal Dawud Sulaiman Al-Muallim




[email protected]

Curriculum Vitae

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Duties of the Vice Deanship:

  1. Drawing up plans for selecting published research studies at the institute, whether research, scientific books, distinguished university theses, or funded projects.
  2. Drawing up plans for programs that support the institute’s functions in order to achieve its goals, such as external support and investment in line with the Saudi Vision (2030), as well as the university's goals according to its interim plans.
  3. Supervising the institute's Center for the Revival of Islamic Heritage, developing it, updating programs and plans in line with the goals of the institute that achieve its mission, and keeping up with developments and the reality of the stage.
  4. Scientific and technical supervision of all publications and issues of the institute and their publicization.
  5. General supervision of research output, publishing and marketing local and international publications of the institute and keeping pace with modern publishing methods, such as electronic publishing.
  6. Following up on publishing the institute's scientific production in various information containers, in accordance with the international publishing specifications for editing and authentication.
  7. Implementing partnership agreements and research cooperation with distinguished institutions, centers and institutes that serve and achieve the institute's goals.
  8. Connecting the university to society by proposing and implementing targeted community programs that are suitable for the functions of the institute and are capable of achieving its goals.