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Manuscript Department

- 2019/10/08

The Manuscript Department is one of the university's scientific service departments. It is not far from the scientific movement in the university in general. It is considered an important scientific tributary of science and knowledge. Its efforts are focused on collecting a large number of manuscripts, serving visitors and researchers, introducing them to how to make use of the manuscripts and how to search the indexes, and assisting them in choosing the appropriate manuscript for their theses and scientific research.

Department Content


The Department has a printed paper index of microfilm manuscripts of all arts and scientific fields; each field has a separate index, with approximately 28 indexes in total and 26,000 titles. There is a supplementary gift index for some scientific fields. The manuscripts cover various branches of knowledge, such as Qur'an Interpretation and Science - History and Biographies - Hadith - Literature - Rhetoric - Geography - Mathematics - Agriculture - Prophetic Biography - Morphology - Prosody - Creed - Horsemanship - Hanbali Fiqh - Hanafi Fiqh - Shafi`i Fiqh - Maliki Fiqh - General Fiqh - Principles of Fiqh - Astronomy - Arabic Language - General Knowledge - Logic - Homilies - Grammar - Terminology of Hadith - Collections - Readings.

Microfilm Lockers:

All manuscripts are kept in special lockers that are prepared to preserve the microfilms of the manuscripts.

They are kept in storage conditions that ensure the microfilm is not damaged. Of these manuscripts, 6,000 have been degitalized and 9,000 are still to follow.

Electronic Lab:

The Manuscript Department contains an electronic lab for all types of manuscript imagin. The lab is equipped with conversion devices to transfer microfilm and paper manuscripts to the computer and process them through manuscript scanners.


Answering 103 incoming telephone calls to the department, from inside and outside the Kingdom. The phone service includes responding to manuscript enquiries, offering consultations, processing index requests, and providing information about specific manuscripts.

45 manuscripts photocopying requests were processed. They were either handed directly to the student, or photocopied and sent via e-mail.

1- Visitors

Every day, the department receives between 3-6 students, professors, and researchers from inside and outside the university to look through the manuscript indexes.

2- Assisting Professors

The professors are assisted in the selection of manuscripts that are suitable for promotion research. The department has extensive participation in this, and many professors have benefited from this service.

3- Scientific Consultations

Every day, 2-4 students and researchers visit the department seeking guidance, assistance, and scientific consultation regarding manuscripts, and assistance in searching for a manuscript that may be the subject of their theses and scientific research.

4- Female Section

Answering all questions and queries received by the department from the female section, in person or by correspondence, in relation to manuscripts.

5- Email

An email address was created on the Institute's website. Many services are performed through this email. In order to facilitate things for the beneficiary, special forms for photocopying requests and gifts were placed on the Institute's electronic page, which can be filled out and sent to the Manuscript Department. All incoming requests or inquiries receive attention and are responded to and the manuscripts are photocopied and sent to students and researchers inside and outside the Kingdom.

6- Indexing and Categorizing Manuscripts

The manuscripts received by the department through exchange with other institutions or as gifts are indexed and categorized according to scientific standards, and placed within the general indexes, by making a special card for each manuscript showing the title of the manuscript, name of the author, the source of the manuscript, the number of pages and lines, font type, and the scientific field it belongs to. More than 500 manuscripts have been indexed and categorized.

7- Gifts

The Department has established close relationships with libraries, scientific and research centers, and with organizations and individuals interested in manuscripts inside and outside the Kingdom, such as Juma Al Majid Center, and the Institute of Arabic Manuscripts, affiliated to the Arab League. The Department also established connections with people who have visited the Manuscript Department directly. These relationships have resulted in the department receiving a valuable collection of manuscripts of not less than 500 manuscripts in various sciences such as Fiqh, Hadith, History, and Interpretation from various libraries around the world, including Turkish libraries and libraries within the Kingdom and the Gulf.

8- Participations and Events

The Manuscript Department participates in all the activities of the Institute, such as meetings, gatherings, and the Manuscript Day Event, which was held this year at the College of Medicine.

The Manuscript Department has participated with more than twenty different titles selected from the department's valuable medical collections. The Department displayed the titles at a large special exhibition inside the college for three days. Presentations about the significance of these manuscripts and about their scientific content were made to visitors and interested people. The displayed manuscripts were part of the index of medicine at the Manuscript Department that are kept in microfilm lockers. The Index of Medicine has approximately (600) manuscripts, most of which have not been verified yet. The titles that participated in the Arabic Manuscript Day are: Kitab Al-Ta`alim fi Al-Tib, Al-Tanwir fi Al-Istilahat Al-Tibiyya, Daf` Madar Al-Abdan, Zad Al-Masir fi Eilaj Al-Bawasir, Risala fi Al-Adwiah Al-Qalabiyya, Al-Farq bayn Al-Amrad Al-Mutashabiha, Kamil Al-Sina`ah Al-Tibiyya, Elim Al-Tashrih, Kashif Al-Rayn fi Ahwal Al-Eayn, Ma La Yasa` Al-Tabib Jahluh, Nuzhat Al-Arwah fi Masa'il Sina`at Al-Jarrah, Al-Tajarib, Kitab Mudawat Al-Amrad, Sharah Al-Asbab wa Al-`Alamat fi Al-Amrad wa Mu`alajatiha, Risala fi Al-Adwiah Al-Qalabiyya, Risalah fi Ibdal Al-Aadwiyah Al-Mufaradah wa Al-Ashjar wa Al-Sumugh wa Al-Tiyn, Kitab Al-Asbab, Kitab Al-Humiyyat fi Al-Tib.