Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Islamic Heritage Revival Research Center

- 2020/03/11

Islamic Heritage Revival Research Center:

This Center is reckoned the nucleus of the Institute of Scientific Research and Revival of Islamic Heritage. Its specialties cover all scientific researches related to Islamic heritage. The Center's main objective is to focus on the issues of Islamic heritage in terms of collection, indexing, classification, verification, study and publication.

Since the inception of the Institute of Scientific Research and Revival of Islamic Heritage and before that, the Research Center of Revival of Islamic Heritage has had a scientific board composed of five members plus the director of the center. This center receives verified researches in various scientific disciplines such as Islamic law, history, Arabic language, geography, and others. This, in turn, could contribute to shedding more light on a research field than others. For such a reason, the Institute aspires to establish specialized heritage verification centers to create, discuss and publish profound specialized researches in various fields. Such centers include:

  • The Center of Revival of Heritage of Arabic Science (literature, linguistics, grammar and morphology, Classical Arabic Rhetoric and Literary Criticism).
  • The Center of Revival of Heritage of Islamic Science (Islamic jurisprudence and its foundations, , Shari'a, Islamic doctrine (Aqidah), Da'wa and Islamic culture, Quran and Sunnah, recitations, and judiciary).
  • The Center of Revival of Heritage of Social and Humanitarian Sciences (management, economy, geography, history, sociology, social work, media, library and information sciences, foreign languages and educational and psychological sciences).
  • The Center of Revival of Architectural Heritage (building and construction sciences, environment sciences, characteristics of light and sound, etc..)
  • The Center of Revival of Heath Heritage (medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, and nursing).

The Center is administered by a faculty member, who is nominated by the Deanship of the Institute to undertake the assigned tasks according to article 11 of the Unified Bylaw of Scientific Research in the Universities.