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Research Plan and Supervisor Nomination

- 2018/02/01

Research Plan and Supervisor Nomination

“Articles no. 41 and 42 of the unified bylaw for graduate studies at universities”:

For each graduate studies student, there is an academic supervisor. Once the student joins the program, the supervisor works to guide the student in his studies, help him choose the subject of the thesis, and prepare a research plan.

The conditions to present a thesis subject (research plan), if applicable, to the department:

  1. Completion of all admission requirements, and passing at least 50% of the courses with at least a (very good) GPA, in addition to passing the comprehensive test (if it is a requirement for registering the subject).
  2. The subjects of MA theses should be serious and authentic. PhD theses must be characterized by originality, innovation and active contribution to developing the knowledge within the student's specialty.
  3. Theses must be written in Arabic, and may be written in another language in some specialties with a decision made by the University Council upon the recommendation of the boards of the department, the college and the Deanship of Graduate Studies. However, a complete summary in Arabic must be included.

The followed procedure: 

    In order for students to submit the thesis project (research plan), the following procedures must be followed:

  1. The student must pass at least over (50%) of the courses. The student must also submit the project of the thesis written letter in a sound scientific language, containing the main elements of the research plan.
  2. The research plan is presented to the graduate studies academic supervisor in order to be initially approved for presentation at a study seminar, then presented to the specialized boards.
  3.  After receiving the approval of the boards of the department and the college, the registration process of the subject and appointing a supervisor for the student are referred to the Deanship of Graduate Studies. The deanship then presents the subject to the council for approval, in accordance with the prepared model for registration and appointing a supervisor.


If the student chooses a subject for the study, he or she must inquire about the subject chosen in order to ensure that it not been previously researched, through the university’s website - The Deanship of Scientific Research (patent of subjects); in order to contact King Fahd National Library, the Saudi Digital Library and King Abdullah Library.  In addition, students can contact with King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies.