Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2021/01/30
In 1403 H (corresponding to 1983 G), the Supreme Council of Universities approved, in its first session held on 20/05/1403 H, the establishment of the Medical Sciences Department as one of the scientific departments affiliated to the College of Applied Sciences at Umm Al-Qura University in Mecca. The first class consisted of twenty (20) students and was admitted in 1405H. This Department became the nucleus for establishing the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences. 
In 1416 H (corresponding to 1995 G),the Council of Higher Education resolution was royally approved to transfer the Medical Sciences Department into the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences. The first class of female students was admitted to the Medical Sciences Department at the College of Medicine and Medical Sciences in 1419 H.
The University Council Resolution No. (1426/36/7H), issued on 26/02/1426 H, approved transferring the Medical Sciences Department at the College of Medicine and Applied Sciences in Umm Al-Qura University into an independent college in the name of the College of Applied Medical Sciences and was royally approved by HRH the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques (Prime Minister and Chairman of the Council of Higher Education) at the minutes of session in HRH letter Ref.: 7710/MB, dated 07/06/1426 H. The College of Applied Medical Sciences, since the issuance of the resolution separating it from the College of Medicine, seeks to complete its academic and constructional structures to carry out its mission, which includes graduating the most highly qualified national competencies to engage in serving their Country in such a manner that achieves the favorable goals of our wise Government for the Saudization of all the health jobs at the Kingdom. The College, by Grace of Allah, made a tangible achievement in this respect through reliance on an excellent elite of teaching staff members contracting in all specializations in addition to the national qualified competencies. It is anticipated that the College will take over its new independent building within the coming two years, God willing, which will be at the highest level of preparation and will meet all needs and requirements of the educational departments at the College. In addition, the university hospital will also be opened and this will play an effective role in improving the level of competency of the male and female graduates of this College as well as other medical colleges in the different supporting medical specializations at the hospital.
It is undoubted that the credit to the development witnessed across the colleges of the University at the present time and the projects implemented at the dormitory goes to the sincere efforts of HE the Director of the University, Prof. Abdullah bin Omar Bafail, with guidance  by Allah. 
In 1436 H, the College of Applied Medical Sciences became the first college in Umm Al-Qura University to get the German international academic accreditation for all its programs, which is deemed an international accreditation where the College of Applied Medical Sciences and its outputs became up-to-date with the international standards. This boosts the trust in world universities and local and international labor markets as to the competence of the graduates of the College of Applied Medical Sciences and will positively affect the future career of the College graduates in their future practical and academic life.


Preparing outstanding personnel in the applied medical sciences specializations that are able to contribute in upgrading community health services and providing a competitive research environment. This is in order to promote a knowledge-based economy.


Making the college an integrated lighthouse in medical knowledge, to keep pace with scientific and technical development.


• Sticking to the high ethical and professional standards prescribed by Islam.
• Adopting creativity, innovation and a broad vision.
• Serving the Saudi and international community, particularly pilgrims.
• To graduate highly qualified national cadres in all medical disciplines.
• To apply the Islamic values and traditions in practicing the profession.
• To acquire the professional conduct in dealing with all society members.
• To meet the needs of the Saudi society with the provision of highly qualified national cadres in the required specializations.
• To study the needs of labor market in respect of the new health specializations and work on meeting such needs.
• To prepare graduates for resuming their postgraduate studies in the area of specialization.
• To link the graduates of the College to the University in order to identify their fields of work and performance levels and to develop their performance by following total quality programs.
• To qualify the graduates of the College to bear the responsibility for continuous learning, self-development, decision making, contributing to serving the society and professional development.
• To cooperate with all the medical colleges inside and outside the Kingdom to develop the process of medical education in the Kingdom.
• To organize symposiums and conferences at the local, Gulf and international levels to promote the methodology and techniques of medical education in the Kingdom.
• To attain a regionally and internationally leading position in the medical education, medical researches and medical services.
• To prepare the College to play an effective role in identifying the health problems of pilgrims and providing the best healthcare solutions.
• To contribute to providing academic consultations and developing the health services provided to pilgrims.
• To develop the strategies of medical education in the Kingdom.