Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Graduates’ Work Fields

- 2019/11/27

Graduates’ Work Fields

  • Graduates’ Work Fields for Laboratory Medicine Program:

  1. Working as a specialist for medical laboratories, hospitals and clinics and medical centers and medical cities
  2. Medical research centers, genetics and fertilization and infertility treatment laboratories  
  3. Educational facilities such as schools, universities and medical colleges
  4. Medicine and poison centers
  5. Medical products development fields such as the medical companies supplying solutions and medical devices
  • Graduates’ Work Fields for Clinical Nutrition Program:

  1. Working as a nutritionist in all the private and public hospitals
  2. Working as  a nutritionist in research , food development  and medicine centers and food manufacturing companies
  • Graduates’ Work Fields for Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Program:  

The Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Program gives the opportunity for its graduates to work as therapist in all the public and private hospitals

  • Graduates’ Work Fields for the Medical Emergency Services Program:

  1. Saudi red crescent centers
  2. Emergency rooms in specialized hospitals
  3.  Emergency ambulance
  4.  Maritime rescue centers
  • Graduates’ Work Fields for Anesthesiology Program:

  1. Operation sections in all hospitals
  2. Medical research centers
  • Graduates’ Work Fields for the Respiratory Care Program:

Respiratory care specialists in:

  1. Many departments in hospitals, including intensive care units, laparoscopy units, respiratory rehabilitation units, and pulmonary function laboratories.
  2. Chest clinics that provide respiratory and diagnostic care.
  3. Pulmonary and respiratory research centers.
  4. Academic fields, such as health and medical colleges in universities.