Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The Vice Deanship for Hospital Affairs

- 2020/07/12


Her Excellency the Vice Dean for Hospital Affairs

Dr. Alaa bint Hatim Qadi


Duties of the Vice Dean for Hospital Affairs

  • Counting the number of students who apply for their internship year and clinical training courses.
  • Making sure that the students who apply for their internship year have fulfilled the graduation requirements prior to enrollment. This occurs in collaboration with the Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs.
  • Corresponding and coordinating with all hospitals and medical centers across the Kingdom and ensuring placement of all students to serve their compulsory internship year.
  • Following up with students' training in hospitals and different training centers in collaboration with the academic departments and performing field visits to ensure the quality of training.
  • Informing students of the regulations and systems of the internship year and identifying formal training skills in coordination with the academic departments and making them available to students, academic staff, and the trainer.
  • Eliminating all obstacles and problems that face students during this important period in their educational journey.
  • Submitting the names of the internship year students to the Deanship of Student Affairs to enable them to receive their financial payments.
  • Supervising students who have overseas scholarships and wish to spend their internship year inside the Kingdom.
  • Issuing internship certificates to all academic programs and submitting them to the deanship of the college for approval.
  • Preparing agreements between the college and different medical authorities.
  • Creating training places in the public and private sectors.
  • Working to create specialized clinics inside the university campus to accommodate internship year students if the number of students for the internship year exceeds the capacity of hospitals in Makkah province.
  • Supervising the Electronic Registration of the Students of the Internship Year.
  • Distributing the students of the internship year to hospitals according to their wishes, grade point averages, and available places at the hospitals and health centers.
  • Printing hospital permit admission cards for the students and the academic staff.