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Umm Al-Qura University

Academic Guidance

- 2019/03/24


Academic guidance is one of the most important orientation programs for students, which the Department of Electrical Engineering intends to actively carry out and develop. The new mechanism is designed to save the students' time and effort in the registration process, and to introduce them to their specialization, study plans, and academic qualification requirements. Academic guidance is aimed at at-risk students to discuss their academic problems and find suitable solutions.

Vision and Mission of Academic Guidance:

To improve the academic guidance program for students, to make it reach the best university standards, and to provide all the guidance services to the student, while overcoming all the difficulties that may lead to the failure of his academic course. This is in order to build a sound scientific and academic outcome in the specific period of time for graduation.

Goals of Academic Guidance:

To introduce new students to the nature of the new approaching university life, and guide the students with regard to the academic systems to facilitate their understanding of the study plan of the department. To work to raise the student's academic efficiency and for them to not approach the limits of being at risk academically, through continuous follow-up and provision of the right advice. To work to maximize the potential of academically outstanding and excellent students by continuously refining their talents, as well as to take interest in the advancement of at-risk students by knowing the causes of their failure, addressing these causes, and raising the students' level of achievement.

Duties of Academic Guidance:

To make a guide and instructional leaflet pointing out the functions of the department, the academic advisors and students, to complete the success of the guidance process in the best way. To hold student meetings to introduce students to the importance of the academic guidance program in their university life, and how to make the most use of it. To publish brochures on the website of the department, and to distribute students to the academic advisors, advertising this on the bulletin board and the website of the department. To give academic advisors and students the opportunity to discuss the academic obstacles in order to find appropriate solutions. At the beginning of each semester, the head of the department is to discuss the reports submitted by the academic advisor on the academic level of the students (the successful and the at-risk students) to follow up the ongoing course in the guidance process.

Duties of the Academic Advisor:

The duty of the academic advisor is to take care of the student from the time he joins the department until he graduates, without any failure. This can be carried out by the academic advisor carrying out the following points:

  • Making a special file for each student, including his data and academic record, in addition to his schedule and all his registration processes for each semester.
  • Pointing out the importance of the role of the academic advisor to the student, and the necessity of following his instructions, and communicating with him continuously to pass the academic period with the highest grades.
  • Clarifying the role of the student in the success of the guidance process, as the academic advisor is a means of guidance and the student is the one who implements the advice to achieve the desired goal, namely, to obtain the highest degree of excellence.
  • Introducing the student to the curriculum plan of the department, including the basic and elective courses and their requirements, and how to register them and determine the academic load.
  • Emphasizing that the student has to adhere to the dates set out in the university academic calendar when conducting the various registration processes (add, delete, amend a course, withdrawal from a course, and others).
  • Supervising the student fully when the various registration forms are being filled out, and following up the student's procedures while complying with the executive rules and regulations for this.
  • Hold a second meeting with the student after the mid-year exams to discuss and overcome any obstacles that he encountered during his study.
  • Submitting a report to the head of the department at the beginning of each semester showing the cases of at-risk students, if any, and finding solutions for their problems.

Qualities of the Academic Advisor:

  • He is the most important faculty member. And he is assigned by the head of the department to carry out the functions of academic guidance for a group of students.
  • He should have knowledge of the course system and mechanism of registration.
  • He must have the basic skills needed for academic guidance, including: the art of leadership, organized planning, good listening skills, and decision-making and problem solving skills.