Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

College Departments

To prepare distinguishing national medical cadres in the field of dentistry as general, and the fields of orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, community dentistry, preventive medicine and scientific research in particular in accordance with the mission of the college with its different departments to

To offer an advanced and modern educational service in the fields of conservative therapy, treatment of tooth roots and cosmetic Dentistry.

In 1426 hijri, a royal decree was issued to approve the separation of the medical sciences department from the Faculty of Medicine which became a stand-alone faculty under the name of Faculty of Medical Applied Sciences which includes eight scientific majors, among them is the oral and dental health

To offer an elevated standard of medical education for the students and practitioners in the oral and dental health field, and support the scientific research in the Basic and clinical sciences along with serving the community in accordance with the mission of Umm Al Qura University.