Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2017/05/01


To become a scientifically leading beacon in Sharia sciences and Islamic studies so as to meet the community's needs


To teach Sharia sciences, Islamic studies and principles of scientific research and to professionally and authentically qualify specialists in Sharia fields in order to serve the local and international communities


1. To become scientific leaders in teaching Sharia sciences and Islamic studies

2. To become global leaders in the development of programs and educational curricula relating to the field of Sharia sciences and Islamic studies

3. To attract, qualify and motivate prominent human cadres

4. To implement quality standards and to obtain the academic accreditation and maintain it.

5. To support scientific and research production and develop researchers in the field of Sharia sciences and Islamic studies

6. To hold conferences and symposia for supporting scientific activities, to participate in fueling the scientific mobility, and to encourage students and teaching members to effectively take part in achieving this goal

7. To establish a distinguished relationship with undergraduates and graduates and to encourage and support extracurricular activities

8. To establish strategic partnerships and effective agreements with relevant bodies.