Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vision, Mission and Objectives

- 2019/02/05


The College of Computer and Information Systems always aspires to giving a due care to the educational process through benefiting from the expertise of the teaching staff members and its affiliated engineers.

The college established a number of  labs and halls that serve all its scientific departments. It has fully furnished the labs with high quality, in terms of safety and efficiency. It also made the necessary extensions of electricity, data network and electronic doors.

The college is keen on improving the equipment and labs to meet the future needs of the educational plans in the departments and to provide its requirements from the periodical consumables.


Aspiring to developing the practical part in the educational and research process through regulating the usage of potentials, and technical and lab expertise in the college to interact with the current and future scientific needs.


  • Developing the student’s knowledge skills in the specialty of computer.
  • Training the student on different computer science applications and systems in various fields that serve the society and work on developing the technical skills.
  • Meeting the society’s needs and providing national cadres trained on using the computer sciences in different fields of life.
  • Providing technical consultancies in the field of computers and information technology for the governmental bodies and private sector.
  • Organizing and holding training sessions and workshops to raise the technological efficiency of all the society’s segments with no exceptions.
  • Holding and sponsoring forums, and technological and awareness events that aim at raising the technological awareness in the society.
  • Empowering the students to cope with the fast and vast development in the information technology world.
  • Highly qualifying the students to be able to proceed to postgraduate studies in the field of computer science.
  • Graduating qualified and outstanding students who have the ability to compete in the job market locally and internationally.