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Responsibilities & Powers of the Department Head

- 2018/01/22

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Praise be to Allah, the Almighty; peace and blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah, our gentile Prophet Muhammad, and upon all his family and companions.

On my behalf and behalf of all the male and female academic, technical and administrative members of the Department, and on behalf of all male and female students, who have been acquiring its sciences and knowledge throughout the past years; it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Biochemistry Department.

The medical biochemistry is considered one of the most significant, growth-oriented and developed basic medical sciences. At the Department of Biochemistry, medical colleges’ students study several curricula. In other words, the Department serves the students of Grades 2 and 4 of the College of Medicine, the students of the Colleges of Pharmacy and Nursing, as well as all the students of the Medical Track in the Preparatory Year.  

When the Department of Biochemistry at Umm Al-Qura University’s, (UQU), the College of Medicine was founded, it was one of the first basic sciences' departments. It comprises an accurately selected group of faculty members with distinctive academic and research skills and leading contributions in community service. This is achieved through the Department's own academic and research human experiences whose efforts are integrated with the efforts exerted by the College's staff members to prepare graduates with high level of scientific efficiency and laboratory experiences. Such advantages help the graduates practice medicine and enable them to keep up with the continuous development in the field of medical sciences, resume scientific research in all the medical domains and raise the level of medical services in the health system of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

May Allah help us to serve our beloved Kingdom through this great edifice, UQU!

Responsibilities & Powers of the Department Head

Responsibilities of the Department Head

1- Administrative and financial affairs:

1- To head the department, supervise the organization of its affairs, call upon concerned individuals to attend its sessions, implement its decisions, and send the minutes of its sessions to the College dean.

2- To achieve the goals and policies of the university.

3- To implement the College Board’s decisions relating to the department.

4- To supervise the preparation of the strategic plan of the department and follow up its implementation.

5- To supervise the management of the department’s educational, research, administrative, financial and cultural affairs.

6- To supervise the development of the department academically, as well as in terms of administration and research.

7- To coordinate and develop the department’s relations, within UQU and outside it.

8- To supervise the provision of the department’s educational, research, administrative, financial and cultural needs.

9- To supervise the enhancement of the quality level and the development of its outputs.

10- To implement and follow up the decisions of the College Board.

11- To utilize the powers granted to him by the college dean.

12- To inform the college Dean any issues caused by a faculty member or anyone in their position if they commit violations or fail to carry out their duties.

13- To present a report about the situation of graduate studies at the department to the College dean and the dean of Graduate Studies College at the end of each academic year.

2- Academic Affairs:

  1. To present a complete report to the College Board about the scientific journey of a scholar, if it is inside the kingdom and under the supervision of the department.
  2. To supervise the educational process, implementation of its plans implementation, and development of its academic programs in the department.
  3. To implement the regulations of quality, academic accreditation and evaluation.
  4. To supervise the various student activities in the department.
  5. To monitor exams and control the system within the department.
  6. To supervise the academic development process of the department’s programs.
  7. To prepare a comprehensive annual report about the educational process, and the academic, administrative and research performance, then submit it to the College dean.
  8. To supervise the recruitment of faculty members at the department.
  9. To recommend a faculty member different from the faculty member teaching the curriculum to prepare the questions of the final exam when needed.


Powers of the Department Head:

1- Recommending that correcting the final exams will be by a faculty member other than the member who teaches the curriculum, or one or more specialists help the faculty member in this.

2- Approving the transcripts.

3- Issuing the internal decisions required by the proper functioning of the department in accordance with the regulations.

4- Distributing the lectures on the faculty members.

5- Recommending the payment of tuition allowance to faculty members.

6- Preparing reports on the faculty members’ performance.

7- Recommending the payment of overtime allowance for the department’s affiliates.

8- Assigning the overtime work for the department’s affiliates.

9- Recommending the attendance of the department staff training courses inside and outside the university.

10- Coordinating with the Scholarship and Training Committee in following up the status of students and trainees.

11- Recommending contract extension to Saudi faculty members after their end of service.

12- Recommending the contracting with Saudi faculty members after their extension period ends.

13- Recommending the termination of non-Saudi faculty members’ contracts.


Head of the Biochemistry Department

Dr. Heba bint Said Ba Qader Al-Amoudi