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Umm Al-Qura University

The College of Computers Organizes a Course Entitled: ‘How to Find a Job without Connections’

Added on - 2020/03/10  |  اخر تعديل - 2020/03/10

The Colleges of Engineering and Computers in Al-Leith organized a course entitled, ‘How to Find a Job without Connections’. The course was presented by Dr. Iskandar bin Muhammad Hawsawi, with the participation of a group of students, faculty members, and administrative staff, at the college's training and development hall.

During the course, the trainer explained that the "How to Find a Job Without Connections" course aimed to guide, educate, and enhance the skills of job seekers, as well as harness their abilities for the next steps after getting the job. It also aimed to show the impact of a good CV, the techniques of writing CV's, and planning each phase of the job hunt, starting from the beginning of the educational journey until getting the desired job. This is in addition to building self-confidence and placing one's trust in Allah, and developing self-reliance in achieving his life goals in sound and correct ways.

Moreover, the trainer also talked about the basics and techniques of time management, and the importance of building a personality compatible with the nature of the work that the job seeker is looking for. He also urged the trainees to use modern technologies, such as e-marketing, and edified them on its most important potentials. Furthermore, he explained how to harness modern technology in managing e-marketing operations, and building various capabilities and skills that contribute in benefiting both the individual and society.

Additionally, the course touched upon the techniques, tools, and strategies for job hunting, in ways that make the applicant stand out among other candidates and enhance his capabilities and skills. It also familiarized the trainees with ways to solve problems that hinder the job hunt, find alternatives, and open new horizons that develop the performance of the job seeker, helping him obtain resources that make him a productive and beneficial individual in the service of his society and country.