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The Department of Arabic Language Congratulates Dr. Ahmad Abdul-Majid Khalifah on the Release of His New Book

Department News
- 2020/02/17

The Department of the Arabic Language extends its congratulations to His Excellency Dr. Ahmad Abdul-Majid Khalifah for the release of his new book, "Contemplations and Pauses for Thought on the Meanings of the Noble Qur'an: Between Grammatical Makeup and Rhetorical Purposes". The book tackles a significant topic needed by the Arab and Islamic libraries. Its content covers the following points: (1) Masculine and Feminine (nouns/phrases) in the Noble Qur’an: Between Grammatical Rules and Rhetorical Purposes. (2) Deletions and the arrangement of words in the Holy Qur'an, as well as the illusion of addition. (3) Ending the verses in a way that goes against contextual expectations. (4) The rhetorical use of double meanings. (5) The correct modes of Qur’anic recitation and the rejection of them by some grammarians, in addition to other important topics.

The author briefly discussed these topics, refuting claims of their occurrences in some of the Qur’anic texts. He also pointed out some of the serious errors committed by grammarians, and corrected them according to the rhetorical purpose that is consistent with the meaning that the author claims to be intended by them (and Allah knows best) in their respective Qur'anic context.