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UQU VP For Graduate Studies Launches 'Ataa Initiative'

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Added on - 2016/12/12  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/12/12

Vice President for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research has launched the Ataa Initiative (Giving) during a ceremony that was attended by Dean of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research Abdurrahman Al Ahdal, Dean of Undergraduate Studies (Girls Section) Dr. Hala bint Saeed Al Amoudi, Dean of College of Nursing Dr. Ayman Jouhargy, ex-Dean of Scientific Research Dr. Faisal Bin Ahmed Allaf in addition to staff members and students.

The Vice President delivered the opening speech after listening to some verses of the Holy Quran.

Addressing the attendees, The Veep announced endorsement of the initiative by the Deanship Board before approval from the UQU President.

It is a key initiative that realizes an important objective of the Saudi Vision 2030, according to Vice President.

Dr. Al Ahdal has also addressed the gathering. He spoke about the virtue of volunteering in Islam that led to great achievement during the era of Prophet Mohammad Peace Be Upon Him.

He added the initiative is a new step on the same way to link the idea of volunteering with scientific research in order to serve the university, community and institutions in concern. He thanked participants of the initiative and its leaders Dr. Sumayyah Sharaf and Dr. Suhail Bajamal.

In the same context, Dr. Allaf gave a briefing on the origin of the initiative and who the 32-member research team was formed from inside and outside the university covering many specialties, cultural backgrounds and academic degrees.

According to the former dean, the Scientific Research Deanship is keen on helping researchers and students through initiatives in the best of the interest of the community, university and the whole nation.

For Dr. Al Amoudi made a summary on Ataa and how it supports scientific research driven by the services of the university and its community.

At the same time, Vice Dean of the Scientific Research for Quality and Development Dr. Hanadi Behiry took the podium and asserted the deanship's determination to support initiatives raised by staff members in service of scientific research, researchers and postgraduate students.

Ataa Initiative coincides with the International Volunteer Day (IVD) (December 5) which is an international observance designated to pay tribute and to make volunteers' contribution visible for everyone.

Dr. Behiry introduced the initiative in details saying it is envisaged as a way to make the UQU a research reference in the field of volunteering by the year 2020. Its objective is to create an inspiring environment of research and volunteer researches to give reflective knowledge products and to enhance integration between the community-partnership and branches of study, she added.

The initiative is meant to establish a database for both objectives, to create the environment for volunteer research, to attract and develop research skills and to carry out volunteer researches according to the international recognized standards.

In addition, it provides research services for non-profit organizations and to establish partnerships with entities with private and public sectors ties. Up to 32 highly-skilled and experienced members took part in developing the concept from inside and outside the university.

The next speeker, Dr. Jouhargy added some details on the performance indicators set by the initiative to measure achievements.

He said the indicators showed tangible results that mirror efficiency and quality and the ability to achieve goals in light of the domestic, regional and international references. Also, Tahani M. Al-Subait delivered a speech on the outcomes of Ataa's up to 15 volunteer research studies.

She briefed the meeting on the registration steps using the staff members' search engines. In this regard, student Esraa Alumayri gave an account of female students' volunteer experiences with the Scientific Research Deanship.

At the end of discussions, Dr. Sharaf presented short notes on the research priorities that touched the 24 items which open new horizons for volunteer research in light of the domestic and external partnerships to cover different field of academic study.

Lastly, The Graduate Studies Vice President and the Scientific Research Dean have honored pathfinders of the first and second phases of Ataa Initiative.