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The Qunfudah Preparatory Year Students Take Part in the Voluntary Charity with the Alber Society

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Added on - 2016/11/23  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/11/23

Title of the Activity

The Qunfudah Preparatory Year Students of the medical study take part in the voluntary charity in cooperation with the  Alber Society 

Objectives of the Activity

Such charity work is organized under the auspices of the Preparatory Year Deanship, and is supervised by the Deanship Vice dean, Dr. Waheeb ibn Dukhail Allah. This highlights his interest in forging community partnership between the Umm Al-Qura University and the society institutions. It also aims at instilling the spirit of voluntary work into the students’ souls for building sound society free of grudge and hatred, and for having the spirit of affection prevail. Accordingly, the students decided to participate and help the orphans fostered by the Alber Society in Qunfudah.


Targeted Group

The charity targets the families of the orphans fostered by the Alber Society in Qunfudah.

Date and Place of the  Activity

The charity took place at the Preparatory Year Deanship in Qunfudah- medical study, on November 21rt, 2016.


Description of the Activity

Ms. Fatma Ala’aziqi contacted the officials at the Alber Society in Qunfudah, and sent a letter to the chairman of the Alber Society demonstrating the Preparatory Year Deanship students’ desire in materializing the call of the latitude Islamic shariah in terms of showing generosity towards orphans. For it is among the most rewarding deeds leading to the Heaven, and thus accompanying our prophet peace be upon him.   

Allah says: “ Therefore, treat not the orphan with harshness,”

The voluntary work is a human conduct practiced by the individual off his own accord, and it boosts communication with others and does away with the individualism. It also creates a feeling of self-satisfaction, and disciplines souls as it emanates from the heart and an internal desire for sacrifice and giving and a feeling of responsibility towards the needy. It involves preserving the environment, fostering the orphans and the poor and special needs and taking care of education and culture among others.   

Based on this, the idea of the students embarking on a series of voluntary work arose, and they started with the orphan care. They contacted the officials at the Alber Society in Qunfudah and got their approval. Then the students prepared the items to be delivered to those supervising these orphaned families by the Alber Society’s representative.