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Homepage of the Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs

- 2022/04/14
The Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs is one of the vice deanships of the Joint First Year that is concerned with achieving the vision and mission of the deanship in matters related to carrying out and developing the educational process in all streams available in the program.

The Vice Dean



Ahmad bin Fawzi Siraj Arba`een

Phone number:



[email protected]


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The duties of the vice deanship include the following:

  1. Supervision of implementing the regulations of the Joint First Year Program that were approved by the University Council, and the general executive rules pertaining to the bylaws for the study and exams of all students of the program at the Mecca campuses.
  2. Supervision of the educational process of the program.
  3. Supervision of the academic performance of students, along with following up the roles of academic guidance, and ensuring attempts are made to solve problems as well as overcoming difficulties that weaken the academic achievement of students.
  4. Supervision of the committees and units related to the academic affairs, such as the Unit of Academic Schedules, Examinations, Student Excuses, and Student Advisory and Support.
  5. Supervision of the evening Joint First Year program at the male section in Mecca.
  6. Following the progress of the work and role distribution of academic guidance, making sure of the effectiveness of the academic guidance in advising and guiding students in the program, and solving problems and removing the barriers that weaken students' academic achievement during the period of the program.