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Students Affairs' Preparatory Year Club Organizes Breast Cancer Event

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Added on - 2016/11/22  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/11/22

Following the footsteps of the World Health Organization (WHO) objectives to reinforce breast cancer combat, and out of concern for health education, the Club of Preparatory Year at the Deanship of Students Affairs, along with the Student Club at the College of Medicine and the Department of Female Health Awareness at the Public Health Awareness Administration in Makkah organized an awareness event against breast cancer titled, "Your Awareness Now: Hope and & Safety Vow." The event was supervised and instructed by Dr. Alya' bint Abdullah Al-Jundi, the Designated Vice-Dean of Preparatory Year- Medical Track.  

On top of the objectives of the event, which was held on Sunday 22nd Muharram 1438H and included an awareness corner, was the invitation to early discover the disease. This asserted the significance of health care and awareness to the various categories and ages of community individuals. The Deanship's female students and affiliates formed a human ribbon that represented the breast cancer logo and reflected a positive interaction by all the participants. On Tuesday, 24th Muharram 1438H, Dr. Smar Ali Jalal, Head of the Department of Female Health Awareness at the Public Health Awareness Administration in Makkah, gave a lecture about the means of early discovery and prevention of breast cancer.

On the other hand, such campaign was accompanied by a group of corners that was presented during the event. Such corners included the mammogram model corner, Community Service Department corner that demonstrated symptoms, signs, and examination ways of the disease and the role played by healthy nutrition to combat it, in addition to the corner of obesity and the role it played in accelerating infliction with and development phases of breast cancer. Moreove, all corners contained paintings and paper publications like brochures, out of awareness and education against the disease.

The campaign witnessed concrete interaction by the female students and members of administrative and educational bodies. Pink ribbons were distributed among them, while they wrote impressive words and wishes on a board and planted hope roses to consolidate such campaign.

Finally, Dr. Alya' bint Abdullah Al-Jundi expressed deep thanks and gratitude towards all the participants and contributors in launching the awareness campaign "Your Awareness Now: Hope and & Safety Vow." In the same context, all the participating entities in such awareness campaign were honored.