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Workshop by Qunfudha Vice-Deanship for Academic Development, Quality

Added on - 2019/04/11  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/04/11

Under the patronage of Dr. Yaseen bin Abdullah Al-Zubaidy, Dean of the University College in Qunfudha, the Vice-Deanship for Academic Development and Quality organized a workshop on Tuesday, 10th RabieII 1439H. The Workshop was held at the College’s Theatre under the title, “Self-Assessment Procedures for the Fourth Criterion - Teaching and Learning.”

The Workshop was managed by Dr. Saleh bin Mousa Al-Zahrany, Vice-Dean of the College for Academic Development and Quality. In this regard, he thanked the Dean of the College for attendance and welcomed the honorable guests. He also pointed out to the significance of the Workshop’s topic and the efforts of the University to obtain the Academic Accreditation.

In the same context, the Workshop was presented by both Prof. Dr. Atef Saeed and Dr. Ibrahim Ezz. Moreover, it explained the quality assurance criteria and the significance of self-assessment for them.

Then, a simplified explanation of the Fourth Criterion and its basic components was provided. Therefore, an example was applied to explain the method to use assessment measures and stars and their significance, to collect estimates of individual items to obtain quantitative estimation, and to visualize priorities for improvement.

It is worth mentioning that the event was attended by Dr. Muhammad Al-Hazemy, Vice-Dean of the College. In addition, it included positive interaction, and queries proposed by staff members and students and answered by Dr. Saleh Al-Zahrany and the Workshop presenters. In this regard, Dr. Al-Zahrany pointed out that his office was open for everyone for any queries.    

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