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Umm Al-Qura University

21st Issue of the UQU Journal of Language Sciences and Literature Released

The 21st issue of Umm Al-Qura Journal of Language Sciences and Literature was released on Sha`ban 1439 A.H., corresponding to May 2018 A.C., on the journal’s website. The issue includes six scientific researches, five in Arabic and one in English.

The Arabic research included two studies on classical Arabic Rhetoric, one being an analytical and rhetoric study of "Husban" that was mentioned in the noble Qur'an and the other a research on semantics and its philosophy and cosmic manifestations. The third research included a morphological study of the differences in the root verb, according to its various readings. The fourth research discussed the historical and cognitive approach to the origins of the argumentation theory in the light of the linguistic, rhetorical and Shari`ah works in the Arab heritage.، As for the fifth research, it was in the field of applied linguistics; the researcher addressed Arabic dubbing which is transmitted via the Arab satellite channels, and the way of making use of it in enhancing the communication skills among those learning Arabic as a second language.

In the sixth research, in English, the researcher dedicated his discussion to the analytical study of the optimism in the play, "Dark is Light Enough", by the theatrical writer and English poet "Christopher Fry" (1907-2005).

The issue will soon be released in print through the University Press, Allah willing.

To download and browse the issue, please click here.