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Deanship of Scientific Research Organizes a Panel Discussion on Contributions of the Muslim Scholars to the Field of Logic

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- 2019/01/14

The Islamic Studies Center of the Deanship of Scientific Research held a panel discussion entitled "Contributions of Muslim Scholars in the Field of Logic" on Sunday 7 Jumada Al-Awwal, 1440 A.H., corresponding to 13 January, 2019 A.C. The Panel discussed a number of research papers presented by UQU faculty members. Professor Saud Abdul-Aziz Al-Uraifi of the Department of Aqidah (Islamic Theology) in the College of Da`wah and Fundamentals of Religion presented a paper that discussed the definition of logic, its names, the origin of Greek logic, reservations about logic, the relationship of logic with Arabic, and the position of Muslim scholars on logic. Next, he gave a detailed critique of Aristotelian logic, and the Islamic ruling on studying logic.

Prof. Khalid bin Muhammad Al-Arousi, a member of the academic staff at the Department of Shari`ah in the College of Shari`ah and Islamic Studies, presented a scientific paper in which he discussed the origin of logic, the principle of introducing logic in the science of Usul Al-Fiqh (Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence), the position of the scholars of Usul Al-Fiqh on logic, the extent of the influence of Logic on the themes of the Usul Al-Fiqh and the Islamic correct position concerning learning Logic.

The workshop included academic interventions by some faculty members. Prof. Abdul-Rahman Al-Qarni of the College of Shari`ah and Islamic Studies, underlined the necessity to learn some logic in which philosophical terminologies have been filtered out, providing that this must not be at the expense of other Shari`ah sciences. The ex-Dean of the College of Applied Sciences, Prof. Ahmad Al-Khamash, explained the close relationship between modern logic and mathematics. Prof. Adnan Qutb, a staff member at the College of Computer Sciences and the Secretary-General of the UQU Scientific Council, explained logic applications in computer sciences and programming, and Dr. Su`ad Babaqi, the Vice Dean of the College of Da`wah and Fundamentals of Religion, focused on the warning of the scholars of the Salaf against philosophical logic.

The panel was managed by Prof. Muhammad Al-Sawat, a staff member at the College of Shari`ah and Islamic Studies, and Dr. Afnan Talmisani, the Deputy Director of the Islamic Education Research Center at the Deanship of Scientific Research.

The audience expressed their happiness over the organization of such scientific panels, and extended their thanks to the Deanship of Scientific Research for organizing such events. They also referred to the importance of continuing such scientific meetings in UQU research centers to enrich researchers and open new prospects in their scientific specializations.

At the conclusion of the meeting, the Deanship of Scientific Research presented memorial shields and appreciation certificates to the two noble guests.