Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Invitation for Attending Staff Qualification Program

Important News
- 2016/10/13

The Deanship for Educational Affairs in cooperation with Deanship of University Development will host the program of staff qualification on Moharram 15-16, 1438H (October 16-17, 2016). Dean of the College of Business Administration Dr. Sultan Ibin Ayedd al-Buqmi urges every staff member to take part in the important program.

During the program, a presentation would be given on the staff members' leadership skills development during the national plan of transformation 2030. Ex-member of Shura Council Dr. Mazen Abdurazeq Balila on Sunday, Moharram 15, 1438H. The session is one of many organized by Deanship of University Development to introduce the transformation plan 2020 to achieve the Kingdom's vision.

Dr. Mazen extended thanks to all attendees

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