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Department of Business Administration of Hajj and Umrah Organizes a Workshop to Develop the Current B.A. Program

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Added on - 2018/11/17  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/11/17

The Department of Business Administration of Hajj and Umrah organized a workshop to develop the current B.A. program, and introduce a graduate studies program. The workshops were conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday, 28-29 of Safar, 1440 A.H., in the presence of academic specialists from different administrative specializations, events management, hospitality management, and engineering and medical specializations, such as Dr. Basim Qadi, Dr. Ammar Attar, Dr. Hasan Taib, Dr. Sultan Al-Harbi, Dr. Ali Al-Qasim, Dr. Abdullah Al-Saedi, Dr. Al-Tahir Al-Azhar, Dr. Usamah Badr, Dr. Hani AbdelHamid, Dr. Hatim Radwan, Dr. Yusri Al-Sayed, Dr. Muhammad Al-Deif, and Dr. Muhammad Al-Sharif.

Dr. Ammar Attar introduced a complete prototype of the journey of the pilgrim and the Mu`tamir, with a view to demonstrating the importance of the curricula and the effects of their outcome on serving the pilgrim and Mu`tamir. Attendees shared their opinions and suggestions about the importance of the curricula and their scientific content in this stage.

It is notable that the workshop concluded with several recommendations, among the most significant of which were: the importance of promoting the cognitive side in the science of crowd management in terms of behavior, risk management and control. Also the workshop stressed the significance of promoting technical advances in crowd management. The workshop promoted curricula that are concerned with managing transport systems and site planning. The workshop stressed the need to focus on programs that reflect the Kingdom 2030 Vision in the service of the guests of the Merciful, enrichment of the experience of the pilgrims, development of distinguished curricula in managing the venue for the guests of the Holy House, and creativity and entrepreneurship in arranging the different stages of Hajj and Umrah.

It is noteworthy that the workshops will continue their sessions during the coming weeks to survey the views of the beneficiaries, recognize their needs, respond to their requests and achieve their expectations of the outcomes of the Hajj and Umrah Administration Programs.