Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Leadership and Staff of the Business Administration College Take part in “A Promising Start” Symposium

Important News
- 2016/09/25

Under the direction and supervision of the Dean of the Business Administration College, Dr. Sultan ibn A’ayad Albaqami and amidst joyful atmosphere, the College’s students and leadership participated in the events of “A Promising Start” symposium. The Student Affairs Deanship organized it, and it featured a wide range of student services.

Still, within the pavilion of the administrative study of the Preparatory Year, the College provided full information about all its specialties and programs. It also explained how its specialties and programs contribute to achieving the Kingdom’s vision 2030 and the future job opportunities for its alumni.

Availing themselves of this occasion, the College’s leadership and students extended thanks to the University director, Dr. Bakri ibn Ma’atuq A’asas for the ongoing development the University witnesses. They also thanked the Student Affairs Deanship for organizing such a symposium and the success of its activities.