Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Introductory Meeting for Faculty Members of Shari’a and Islamic Studies College 1439AH

- 2018/09/10

The College of Shari’a and Islamic Studies (girls section) held its annual introductory meeting on Sunday 29 Dhu Al-Hijjah 1439AH at Jafali 3 Hall at 10:00am. The meeting started after the members were welcomed by the message of the Dean of the College, Dr.  Ghazi Al-Otaiby. The message was delivered on his behalf by the Vice Dean of the College, Dr. Nourah Al-Mohamadi. Faculty members were encouraged to work with dedication and pay good attention to the students in terms of teaching and encouraging on good morals. In his message, Dr. Al-Otaiby also congratulated the faculty members of the Department of History for the new plan and congratulated everyone on the start of the new academic year. Dr.  Nourah Al-Mohamadi then delivered her own message in which she expressed welcoming all initiatives that seek to develop the college as well as constructive criticism.

Afterwards, the Vice Dean of the College for Training and Community Service, Dr.  Maha Al-Otaiby, introduced the attendees to the deanship and everything it offers, including development courses. She also welcomed ideas for courses needed to be delivered for the members within the college.

The meeting included a brief explanation of:

1- King Salman Chair for Makkah Hisory Studies: Delivered by Dr.  Amira Maddah, the faculty member within the department of history. She took part in several conferences and workshops adopted by the Center.

2- Islamic Research and Studies Center affiliated to the deanship of Scientific Research at UQU: Delivered by the Vice Head of the Center, Dr.  Afnan Talmasani, as she explained the services offered by the center to members.

3- Excellence at building capacities: It is an office under the umbrella of UQU to offer consultations and development plans that achieves administrative excellence and academic creativity, delivered by Dr.  Khaireya Housawi, the faculty member at the Department of Shari’a.

Afterwards, a competition was held between members to introduce members of each department to the accomplishments of the others. The competition was titled “Who is she?”. The meeting was then concluded with honoring the Vice Deans of the College for their efforts, as well as honoring Dr. Maha Al-Otaiby for her efforts at the Center of Islamic Studies during her tenure. Additionally, the faculty members and students participating in the event were also honored.