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Scientific Research Deanship at New Students Forum 1439H

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Added on - 2018/09/09  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/09/09

Under the theme “Future Gate” and via its pavilion at the Abediyah-based King Saud Hall, the Scientific Research Deanship took part in the New Students Forum 1439H. The three-day event was held on Monday-Wednesday, 23rd-25th Dhulhijjah 1439H, on a two-shift basis; i.e. morning and afternoon shifts for the Boys and Girls Sections respectively.    

In this regard, the participation of the Scientific Research Deanship was marked with a special theme; i.e. (Today’s Researcher, Tomorrow’s Scientist). In addition, a special scientific contest was held including awards, gifts and certificates of appreciation. 

During the event, the Deanship was honored to prepare a presentation of its own which answered many questions related to its establishment, vice-deanships and research centers. Moreover, the nature of the Deanship’s research services provided in general and particularly concerned with undergraduate students was demonstrated. The services included the introduction of the “Sufaraa (Ambassadors)” internal research scholarship, as well as the introduction of “Ataa (Giving)” initiative for research volunteering and volunteer research to encourage female students to join. In addition, the services comprised the introduction of the “Language Guide,” an initiative by the Arabic Language and Literature Research Center which aimed to guide researchers to avoid stylistic, grammatical, spelling and linguistic errors. Moreover, among the Deanship’s research services was the Scientific Research Beacon, a social media platform which aimed to provide researchers of both genders with new scientific research sources, publications, conferences, courses, programs, software, innovation, and internal and external research scholarships. Besides, the Scientific Research Oasis service was introduced as the Deanship’s electronic bulletin that provided researchers with its news, activities, reports and all related research processes.

In this context, it is the Deanship’s honor to extend deep thanks to the team of the event which has been led by Dr. Abdurrahman Al-Ahdal, Dean of Scientific Research. Such team has been membered by Dr. Abdullah Al Tamim (the Vice Dean), Dr. Hanady Buhairy (Vice Dean of Scientific Research for Development, Quality and Academic Accreditation), and Dr. Haifaa Fida (Assistant Head of the Arabic Language and Literature Research Center). The members also included Mr. Alaa Mujlad, Mr. Hisham Futeiny, Mr. Othman Habib, Mrs. Ghaidaa Dardeery, Mrs. Lina Al-Maneea, Mrs. Amjaad Mohiy Ad-Din and Mrs. Azza As-Salmy, the employers in the Deanship.    

On this occasion, the Deanship wishes everyone guidance and success in all the coming programs and events. Praise is to Allah at all times.