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Umm Al-Qura University

Issue 19 of UQU Journal of Language Sciences & Literature Released

Important News
- 2018/09/08

Thanks to Allah, the Almighty, the issue no. 19 of (UQU Journal of Language Sciences and Literature) has been uploaded on the journal’s website.

The issue has seven research papers as follows:

Scientific Research Papers in Arabic

-Paradox of entering Surat Al-Isra: An analytical study of the interpretation of meanings and harmony

Dr. Fayez Mad Allah Salman Al-Zunaibat   


- Semantic overlap in the form of (فِعَال) between singular and plural in the Holy Quran.

 Dr. Hamdy Badr Al-Din Ibrahim


-  The problem of parsing: its concept, reasons and guidance.

Dr. Farid bin Abdelaziz Al-Zamel Al-Salim


- Grammatical evidence from the poetry of Sheikh Abu Talib, the uncle of the Prophet peace be upon him

(Study and Presentation)

Dr. Jamaan bin  Benus bin Jamaan Al-Saili


- Global culture and methods of modern criticism – the hidden relationship.

Dr. Mousa bin Derbash bin Mousa Al-Zaharani


- The analogy of the subject by the grammarians.

Dr. Ali bin Mohamed Al-Shahri


- The difference and delay in the poetry of Ibn al-Abar al-Qudai: a deconstructive reading of the introductions in the poetry of praise.

Dr. Nezar Jabril Al-Saudi

323- 370