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Bin Laden Chair for Innovation Supports 4 Research Projects

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Added on - 2018/04/09  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/04/09

Teacher Mohammed Awad bin Laden Chair for Innovation and Entrepreneurship signed contracts to support 4 scientific research projects. Dr. Mahmoud bin Ibrahim Felata, the Chair's professor, and Dr. Waleed Al-Asmari, a faculty member at the College of Computers and Information Systems at Umm Al-Qura University (UQU), signed contracts to conduct research entitled "Establishing a Pioneer Platform to Communicate between the Autonomous and Semi-autonomous Vehicles". He also signed a contract with Dr. Al-Taher Ayad, a faculty member at UQU College of Business Administration, to implement a research project entitled: "Examining the fundamentals of the Pioneering Work Intention among University Students".

The Chair also signed a contract with Dr. Hossam Felata, a faculty member at Jeddah University, to support a research project under the title: "About Meeting the Requirements of Finding Legal Environment Suitable for Entrepreneurship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia". As for the fourth research project, it is entitled: "Innovation in the Developing Countries' Startups: KSA as Case Study",  for which Dr Mahmoud signed a contract with Liliana Pérez-Nordtvedt, Professor at the US University of Texas at Arlington.   

Noteworthy, these contracts represent the first batch of the research projects supported by the Chair, which received a group of proposed research projects that had been studied by the Supervisory Committee before sending them to external specialized judges. In addition, the Chair will announce soon receiving the research proposals specialized in innovation and entrepreneurship during its second session.

This comes within the endeavors of Teacher Mohammed Awad bin Laden Chair for Innovation and Entrepreneurship to achieve its objectives represented in the spread of innovation and entrepreneurship culture and the participation in the development of entrepreneurship sector in KSA in line with the Saudi vision 2030 through publishing research and organizing scientific meetings that discuss the most eminent local and international relevant issues.