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(Jurisprudence on Incidents): Sharia Department - Islamic Studies Research Center Exhibition

Added on - 2018/03/20  |  اخر تعديل - 2018/03/20

Dr. Sarah bin Omar Al-Khouly, Vice-President of Umm Al-Qura University (UQU), inaugurated the “Jurisprudence on Incidents” Exhibition held by the Department of Sharia at the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies. The event was organized in cooperation with the Islamic Studies Research Center at the Deanship of Scientific Research. It also witnessed the attendance of Dr. Hala bint Saeed Al-Amoudy, Dean of the University Studies for Girls.

Upon arrival, Dr. Sarah Al-Khouly cut the ribbon to mark the opening of the exhibition. It is worth mentioning that the event was implemented by students of PhD in Jurisprudence at the Department of Sharia. It was also supervised by Prof. Dr. Afnan Telmesany, Assistant Head of the Islamic Studies Research Center. Moreover, Dr. Al-Khouly was warmly received by Dr. Nora Al-Mahmady (Vice-Dean of the Sharia College), Dr. Iman bin Qabous (Assistant Head of the Sharia Department), Dr. Hanady Al-Buhairy (Vice-Dean of the Scientific Research Deanship), Dr. Afnan Telmesany, in addition to a number of members at the departments of the College.   

Then, Dr. Al-Khouly and her companions toured the exhibition. This was followed by the inauguration program which started with a breathtaking Qur’anic recitation. Afterwards, Dr. Al-Khouly gave a speech expressing her happiness with the obvious efforts exerted in the exhibition. She appreciated the magnificent scientific demonstration of contemporary incidents in a way that highlighted the universality and validity of Sharia at all times and places. After that, Dr. Nora Al-Mahmady gave her speech in which she welcomed the attendees and thanked Dr. Afnan Telmesany and her students of Contemporary Jurisprudence Issues.  

In turn, Dr. Afnan Telmesany gave a speech in which she thanked Dr. Thamer Al-Harby, UQU Vice-President for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, for his support for the idea of the exhibition. She also extended thanks to Dr. Abdurrahman Al-Ahdal, Dean of Scientific Research, for his great attention towards all phases of the exhibition. In addition, she appreciated the efforts exerted by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Al-Sawwat, Head of the Islamic Studies Research Center, in service of the event. Moreover, she thanked Dr. Khaled Al-Jereisy (Head of the Sharia Department), and Dr. Iman bin Qabous (his Assistant) for their adoption and unending encouragement of the idea of the event from the beginning.

Finally, Dr. Sarah Al-Khouly honored all the participants in the event. On the other hand, Dr. Iman bin Qabous awarded Prof. Dr. Afnan Telmesany a memorial shield and a gift from the Department of Sharia in appreciation of her efforts in the exhibition.