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Instructions on Submitting the Research Plans of Postgraduate Students to the Council of the Department of Shari`ah

Added on - 2021/10/06  |  اخر تعديل - 2021/10/06

Instructions on Submitting the Research Plans of Postgraduate Students to the Council of the Department of Shari`ah

To facilitate the procedures for submitting plans for review to the department council and to set up the delivery mechanism, we would like to inform you that the approved method for receiving plans will be through electronic tickets in the student system.

To access tickets, visit the department page or this link: Click here. This is after logging in to the student page.

Those who previously sent their plan via e-mail during this academic year 1443 A.H. are kindly requested to resend it via the ticket system.

Inquiries about the progress of processing the sent plan shall be directed to the academic advisor. The transaction number has to be kept to use when referring to the advisor. Good luck to you all.

Please pay attention to all conditions and notes below. Plans that do not conform to the conditions shall not be passed to the department council.

  • Contact the academic advisor to know when the plan was presented, the decision of the department council about it, and comments on it, if any. The student should not contact anyone other than the advisor.
  • There may be a delay in forwarding the plan to the council for various reasons, including the many plans being submitted to the department board or the department being engaged in administrative and scientific matters. Therefore, it is not possible to give a specific time for the plan being forwarded to the department; the advisor shall be notified when it is forwarded to the council.

The documents required to submit the research plan to the department council are:

(1) An electronic copy in one (PDF) file containing the complete plan and having the same title of the proposed topic. The file should be as follows:

First: The (first page), which contains the research plan data form after completing its and adding the mentor’s signature for approval. It is available on this link: Click here

Second: The (second page), which contains inquiries from other universities. Note that the inquiry link for plans is: Click here

Third: The (third page and beyond), which contain the plan written on the form approved by the Department of Postgraduate Studies: Click here

Please be informed that multiple files shall not be accepted nor files that have been uploaded to the drive or sent via a link or a zip file.

(2) Another copy of a (PDF) file for only the plan. The document should not contain the name of the student or the advisor or anything that identifies them.

Warning: Any plan that does not include the required documents, with all the terms and conditions, will not be considered.

P.S. If the size of the plan file is large, the size of the PDF file can be reduced using some websites that provide this service for free.

We ask Allah to guide us to have beneficial knowledge and perform righteous deeds.