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Umm Al-Qura University

Al-Lith Computers College’s Delegation Visits IT Deanship

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- 2017/12/25

Dr. Iskander Mohamed Hosawi, dean of the College of Engineering in Al-Lith, Eng. Hassan bin Safar Al-Rahili and Eng. Faisal bin Mofreh Najie visited the IT Deanship, where they had a meeting with Dr. Saud bin Saleh Al-Otaibi, vice dean of Information Technology for Technical Affairs, so as to elevate the level of technical competence, and keep up with the development pace. Among the recommendations was setting up an IT unit at Al-Lith Computers College to serve all the colleges in the area.

Dr. Saud Al-Otaibi lauded the efforts made by the college and wished them the best.