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Arabic Language Center Celebrates World Arabic Language Day

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Added on - 2017/12/24  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/12/24

In the honor of Dr. Hala bint Said Al-Amoudi, the Dean of the University Studies for Girls; and in the framework of celebrating the World Arabic Language Day, the Deanship of the Scientific Research, represented by the Arabic Language and Literature Research Center, organized a scientific celebration that included a number of activities. The event was titled:

 (The Arabic Language and New Technologies), coinciding the slogan of the UNESCO for this year.

The celebration began with recitation for some verses from the Holy Qur’an, followed by a speech for Dr. Hala Al-Amoudi. That was followed by an introductory presentation for the Arabic Language and Literature Research Center and its most prominent accomplishments.

Then, the scientific seminar started, as it saw the participation of Dr. Mariam bint Abdul Hadi Al-Kahtani, with her scientific paper titled (التّراث الأدبيّ واللّغويّ والتّقنيات الحديثة _مشروع موسوعة الشّعر العربيّ في عصور الاحتجاج  أنموذجًا); Dr. Tahani bint Mohamed Al-Subait with her paper titled: (قياس جودة الأبحاث العربيّة بين العالميّة والجهود المحلّيّة); Dr. Haifaa bint Osman Feda with her paper titled: (الأجهزة الذّكيّة واللّغة العربيّة حالة من التّطوّر والشّيوع أم بداية الانحسار والأفول); Dr. Hanadi bint Mohamed Al-Buhairy with her paper titled: (تقنية الإحصاء في التّحليل الأسلوبيّ _ القيمة المضافة); and Dr. Sara bint Ahmed Al-Sherief with her paper titled: ((جمع البيانات اللّغويّة المنقّحة عن طريق الاستناد على خبرة الجمهور العربيّ على الإنترنت). Then, an activity highlighted (the impact of the modern technologies on the students of the the Institute of Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers in mastering the Arabic language). It was presented by a group of the Institute’s students who are known for their fluency. They showed the impact of technology in their mastering of the Arabic language.

After that, Dr. Abdulrahman bin Ghalib Al-Ahdal, the Dean of Scientific Research, gave a speech. He praised the importance of this celebration in serving the researches of the Arabic language.

The event included honoring for professors from the college of Arabic Language who won prizes. They were Dr. Ahmed bin Saied Al-Odwani, for winning the prize of  Jeddah Club for Literature and Cultural Studies “for the Cultural Fulfillment Branch” in 1433H, for his book:  (بداية النّصّ الرّوائيّ : مقاربة لآليّات تشكّل الدّلالة); Dr. Amera bint Zubair Sanbas, for winning the prize of the Gold Medal for her research: (أهمّيّة علم الأصوات في تعليم اللّغة العربيّة للنّاطقين بالعربيّة وبغيرها), Arabic Researcher Trophy; Appreciation Medal from Arid Platform in the occasion of the Arabic Researcher Day in the Third International Conference for the Islamic Studies. This is in addition to her role in developing the nation’s reality and human service in the Third International Scientific Season that was held in Malaysia in 2017 and sponsored by University of the Humanities and Filspay Academy in Malaysia. Also, Dr. Mousa bin Darbash Al-Zuhrani was honored for the nomination of the Saudi Scientific Society for Arabic Literature for his Phd thesis titled: (التّرابط النّصّيّ: دراسة في المتن النّظريّ للنّصّ الشّعريّ).

Before the end of the event, the students who won the first three places in the art competition: (ثلاثيّة اللّغة العربيّة والفنّ والتّقنيات الحديثة) were rewarded. The three students are Abrar Batooq in the first place; Angham Al-Ghamdi in he second place ; and Sarah Al-Qorashi in the third. The arbitration committee of the competition was also rewarded, and they were: Dr. Sanaa bint Mohamed Rashad Sumailan, the Head of the Committee; Dr. Amera Mounir Aldin, a member; and Dr. Abeer bint Moslem Al-Sa’edy.

That was followed by an announcement for the results of the Distinguished Scientific Article Competition that was held for the university's students. The winners of the top three places were Student Fawzy Al-Sweihery; Student Nour Al-Saeidy; and Student Latifa Al-Qesamy. The arbitration committee of the competition was also rewarded, and they were: Dr. Najwa bint Abdulaziz Al-Benany, the Head of the Committee; Dr. Badria bint A’ida Al-Maliky, a member; and Dr. Basma bint Eisa Al-Enzi, a member.

At the end of the event, the Dean of the University Studies for Girls was honored for her support and efforts for the educational path in the university. Also, the team who organized the celebration from employees, and postgraduate and bachelor students were rewarded for their work.

The celebration was concluded by praying to Allah to preserve the the language of the holy book, the Arabic language.