Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The Department of Marketing at the College of Business Administration honors Prof. Dr. Talal Al-Azari

Sponsored by Dr. Sultan bin Ayed Al-Buqami, the Dean of the College of Business Administration, the Marketing Department organized on Tuesday evening 08/17/1437 AH a ceremony to honor Prof. Dr. Talal bin Khamis Al-Azari the professor of operations research.

The celebration was made at the celebrations hall at the College in the presence of Dr. Ahmed bin Abdul Qadir Al-Qarni, the Vice-dean for Academic Affairs, , Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ahmed Al-Masri, the former vice-dean for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research and all employees of the College from the academic and administrative structure. The honor included also Colonel Khaled bin Saud Aljmiei, from the Department of Civil Defense in Makkah.

This honor came as a result to Dr. Talal's great efforts at the Department and his scientific research published in many journals and honorable scientific conferences on local and international levels.

After starting the ceremony with the recitation of verses from the Holy Qura'n, Mr. Fawzi Bin Mohammed Zuid, the Head of the Marketing Department, delivered an address in which he welcomed the College dean, vice-deans, heads of the departments and all honorable attendants. He appreciated the unlimited support of the College's dean for the scientific departments to achieve their objectives and advance its level, especially in the field of publishing, scientific research and student projects that reflect the College's keenness to move towards meeting the scientific and educational quality standards and strengthen the leadership in various fields.

Then, Dr. Sultan Al-Buqami, the College Dean, delivered his address in which he thanked the attendants for replying the invitation and thanked the Marketing Department's initiative to hold the first ceremony to honor and recognize the excelled staff members in scientific and research publication at the Department which serves the strategic plan of the College and its planned objectives in various scientific and educational fields such as research, student projects and training that meets the needs of the students and the surrounding environment and reflects the great strengths of the College regionally and internationally.

Dr. Ahmed bin Abdul Qadir Al-Qarni, the College Vice-dean for the Academic Affairs, also delivered a similar speech to the Dean's one in which he appreciated those efforts exerted at the College in various academic fields.

Then, Prof. Dr. Talal bin Khamis Al-Azari provided a presentation on his pioneering research accomplishments and contributions on the levels of the Department, the College and the University during the past two years 2015-2016 AD.

Afterwards, the Dean, the Vice -dean for the Academic Affairs and Head of the Department provided an honor shield and a certificate of thanks and appreciation to Prof.  Dr. Talal bin Khamis Al-Azari in recognition of these efforts and scientific giving, wishing everyone further success, excellence and creativity.