Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

The Dean of the Applied Medical Sciences honors the Media Committee and the Committee of Community Service

The Media Committee and the Committee of Community Service at the College of Applied Medical Sciences concluded the year by receiving the honor of the College Dean to their members in recognition for their great efforts during the academic year 1436/1437 AH.

Dr. Ahmed Achi, the College Dean, expressed his great gratitude and appreciation for the great efforts exerted by the members of the two committees during the past academic year 1436-1437 AH which its effect extended beyond the University campus to serve Mecca community.

The academic year 1436-1437 AH witnessed many achievements. With regard to the media committee, this year has witnessed the development of the College website, the activation of the social networking services and the live follow-up of the College's events, activities and news. With regard to the committee of the community service, this year has witnessed many events and activities held in various parts of Mecca aimed at spreading awareness and health culture among community members.

Dr. Mohammed Al-Karbi, the Head of the Media Committee, and Dr. Ali Abdul Monsef, the Head of Committee of Community Service, expressed their deep thanks for the College Dean who provided his generous and continued support for the two Committees which was the basic motivation for their success. They also thanked the members of the two committees including the staff members, male students and female students for their active participation which mainly contributed to the success of the activities of the two committees.