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Competition for Talented Women at the Institute of Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers

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Added on - 2016/04/08  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/04/08


Institute of Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers represented by the activity committee organized on Wednesday Jumada Al-Oula 15, 1437 H, "Talented Women" competition. Supervisors of classes have been notified and requested to select gifted students for the competition with the aim of getting the best from them and honing their skills and urging them to master their work in compliance with Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) saying in this regard that goes "Allah will be pleased with those who try to do their work in a perfect way",  as well as turning these talents into small businesses after developing them and submitting them to their departments in the university,  besides meditating upon Allah's boons to his worshippers and how he bestowed upon them different capacities. To that end, boosting student talents will protect them from the negative impacts of the spare time and how to invest them in the future, as well as raising the spirit of activeness and renovation amongst female students. 
According to the committee the conditions for participation are: cooperation between selected group of each class, including all talented students in the class, setting up the class corner creatively, including different types of talents, presenting the talents in an attractive way, surprising the committee with new ideas, to avoid rowdiness in your corner name students to receive visitors.  Any violation of these mentioned conditions will lead to losing points.
In the competition day, the women talents have emerged and praised.  Women groups were divided into several levels. The first level was supervised by Dr. Ashwaq, the first level was supervised by Dr. Samia, While the third level  1 was supervised by Dr. Ayat and third level 2 was supervised by Dr. Widad and fourth level was supervised by Ms. Fatima Al-Shareif.  

On Wednesday Jumada Al-Oula 29, 1437 H, results were announced and the participant female were honored led by supervisors in the meeting which was  sponsored by the Vice Dean of the Arabic Language Institute for Non-Native Speakers Dr. Ameera bint Ali Al-Saadi and organized by the activity committee including Dr. Aisha Al-Mishaabi, Dr. Hazima Siraj, Ms. Abeer Aglan, Ms. Aeisha Al-Zahrani and led by Dr. Mariam AbuAli who announced the results and explained rating method. Dr. Mariam congratulated all the participants for their good work. After that, the supervisors and students were honored and were handed out gifts and wining prizes.