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Honoring ceremony for Dr. Amira bint Ali al-Saedi

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- 2016/05/15

The Arabic Institute for Non-Native Speakers held on Wednesday 04/08/1437H an honoring ceremony for Dr. Amira bint Ali al-Sa'edi, to mark the conclusion of her tenure as the Vice-Dean of the Institute.

The ceremony started with warm reception of Dr. Amira al-Sa'edi, her accompanying female guests and the respected female doctors from Colleges of Da'wa (Call to Islam), Sharia (Islamic Law) and Arabic Language whose attendance was an honor to the ceremony. After receiving guests and getting ready, the ceremony kicked off with sections of the program. It started with a keynote address delivered by Dr. Wedad Lal followed by recitation of verses from the Holy Qur'an by Dr. Aisha al-Zahrani and "a Loving Whisper" by Dr. Samiyah al-Raddadi.

After that, the audience listened to two recorded speeches of Dr. Adel Ba-Naemah and Dr. Hassan Bukhari, former head of the Department.

The ceremony included many interesting sections entitled "Biography and History" presented by Dr. Israa al-Matrafi, "Gratitude to a Female Ambassador" and "An Intimate Meeting with the Princess (referring to Dr. Amira)" by Dr. Faezah Salem, "Surge of Feelings" and "Female Admirers' Participation" and "Khatemat al-Mesk" (or the Great Conclusion) by Dr. Wedad Lal. All the audience then went to the lunch banquet. The Institute's staffs were as if one family united together through values of cooperation. The audience consisted of people from inside and outside the Institute, reflecting an interest in participating in this important ceremony.

Considerable number of female students attended the ceremony. Four of them participated in presenting the section of "Gratitude to a Female Ambassador". The presentation of the program's sections Arabic eloquent rhetoric. Dr. Fayzah Salem in the "Meeting with the Princess" managing the dialogue competently and professionally.

Female students who participated in the "Gratitude to a Female Ambassador" were Arafah from Indonesia, Albouina from Kosovo, Razida from Russia, and Mashhoudah from Tajikistan. This program section shed light on the major achievements of Dr. Amira.

Dr. Israa's creativity in production and execution was very clear in editing the stages of Dr. Amira's progress and history. Audio and high quality technology used played a vital role in presenting her achievements in a unique manner. The accompanying show including the remarkable audio sections of the recorded speeches of the Dean, the former head of the Department and Dr. Hayat Bakhdar was a success.

At the end of the ceremony, presents were distributed. They included a shield from the Dean to the Institute's members and participating female friends. During the ceremony, many of the female guests gave presents to Dr. Amira, including a bunch of flowers presented to her by Her Excellency Dr. Hala Al-Amoudi, Dean of Undergraduate Studies for Girls. The ceremony was concluded with distribution of Dr. Amira's presents to each of the Institute's respected female members.