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Center of Arabic Language and Literature Organizes Introductory Session for Research Centers' Regulations

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Added on - 2017/10/26  |  اخر تعديل - 2017/10/26

Within its role and strategic objectives, the Center of Arabic Language and Literature held a session to introduce its research regulations and rules of research proposals submission. The event took place on Monday, 3/2/1439 H at the Meeting Hall of College of Arabic Language, Building D.

The Deputy-head of Arabic Language Research Center, Dr. Haifaa bint Othman Fida, opened the event with thanking the Dean of Scientific Research, Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Ahdal, the vice-dean, and the Vice-dean of Arabic Language College, Dr. Hassa Al-Rashud, for their efforts in upgrading research process and organizing the event. She also thanked the faculty members who attended the event.

Fida addressed the importance of research scholarships that aim to produce scientific researches to support UQU objectives and growth plans. Afterwards, she listed the priorities of research centers' scholarships and detailed the application requirements in view of research scholarship regulations. She indicated the maximum number of researches allowed for submission for research scholarships, scholarships budget, scholarships financing, timeline of research center scholarship if accepted, and finally, the information the need to be filled in research proposal form on the registration link. Later, a Q&A was conducted.

It's worth mentioning that a special file was prepared for the introductory session covering contact details of UQUDSR channels on Twitter and Telegram besides DSR Al-Murshed, one of the Arabic Language Research Center's initiatives on social media.

In conclusion, an evaluation survey was distributed to attendance and they were thanked for engagement during the event.