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Department of Physical Education Organizes a Workshop on Injuries Inside and Outside Game Courts

Academic Affairs
Added on - 2016/05/13  |  اخر تعديل - 2016/05/13

The Department of Physical Education initiated its scientific activities of the academic year 1436/1437H with a distinguished workshop on injuries inside and outside game courts and how to deal with them effectively and competently. The workshop was conducted by Dr. Medhat Qassim a teaching member at Department of Physical Education and former Head of Physiotherapy System at the Egyptian Zamalek Club, on Tuesday, 12/02/1437H, 24/11/ 2015AD. The workshop was conducted in presence of Dr. Obaidullah al-Luhiyani and about 300 students.

From its very beginning, the workshop was unique and very interesting. It shed light on many topics including concepts of injuries and first aid and the difference between first aid and treatment. A number of sportsmen's injuries as well normal people's injuries were discussed. The diversity of audio and visual aids including videos or live models played an essential role in grasping the audience's attention over two hours.

The workshop won the audience's admiration as it had positive impact and useful results for all people especially those who have direct or indirect contact with game courts or sport stadiums.

For his part, Dr. Tawfiq Idris al-Bakri, head of Department of Physical Education pointed out that this workshop is the first in a series of activities approved by the Department and the College. He explained that such activities will be carried out consecutively – Allah wiling – and will target different segments who have connection with physical education and sports whether inside or outside the UQU campus. He finally gave thanks to Dr. Ali al-Matrafi, Dean of the College for his continued support and care about students and the Department's interests. He also gave thanks to the UQU Management for its support of all activities that play a role in the advancement of the UQU and its students.