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Umm Al-Qura University

Office of UQU Vice President

- 2021/12/12

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    Vice President’s office:

    The office of the Vice President of UQU is one of the administrations, units and departments that work in an integrated manner based on an organizing mechanism and specific strategies in order to meet the needs of the university, develop the infrastructure in all its forms, and lay out administrative and financial plans. This office also works to serve students, faculty members, and the administrative body to ensure a smooth continuation of the work at the university, in addition to serving the auditors benefiting from the services of the university, which are provided with pride to all members of the society.
    We ask God to grant success to everybody,,,

    To communicate with the office manager: 

     - Direct: 0125564528
    - Fax: 0125593522
    - Internal: 122
    - Email: [email protected]





    Employees of the Vice President’s office





    Name: Yousef Al-Harbi

    Name: Mohamed Ahmed Basnan

     Name: Aida bin Majoul Al-Motrafi

    Name: Attia Jomaan Al-Sunni

    Department: Committees and Editing

    Department: Secret Office

    Department: Administrative Affairs

    Department: Secretariat





    Name: Raed bin Oqab Al-Qarhi

    Name: Fahd bin Hussein Al-Malki

    Name: Mazin Hamid Al-Zouaihiri

    Name: Saif bin Sharaf Al-Rajihi

      Department: Post Distribution

    Department: Follow-up

    Department: Post Distribution

    Department: Secret Office






    Name: Ahmed Salim Al-Najjar




    Department: Post Distribution