Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice Deanship of Student Affairs for Student Activities and Training

- 2019/03/17



The Vice Deanship of Student Affairs for Student Activities and Training is aspiring to establish itself as a role model that nurtures students culturally, mentally and socially, as well as serving them efficiently in light of the Islamic teachings in order to help them become good citizens that can contribute to all types of human activities.

The Vice Deanship is committed to providing proper environment for academic achievement and practical training, besides supporting the scientific, literary and artistic talents through the effective planning of extra-curricular activities and programs that benefit the student throughout his academic years.


  • To help shape student's integrated and balanced character from social, psychological, physical and mental standpoints, within the context of the noble Islamic teachings.
  • To develop students' capacities to positively interact with their community, thus help them successfully adapt on a social level and eventually become good citizens ready to give their best to their country.
  • To teach students through social activities how to be accountable, and prepare them to perform the public services, which strengthen their ties and affiliation to their society. 
  • To train student on wise leadership skills in the field of student activities.
  • To bolster ties of love and friendship, and strengthen spirit of cooperation and harmony amongst students.
  • To strengthen the relation between the student and his instructors through student activities such as lectures, symposia, meetings, field trips, etc.
  • To discover and hone skills of distinguished students.

Departments of the Vice Deanship:

  • Student Activities.
  • Student Training.