Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Participation Requirements

- 2016/10/14

It is required from all applicants for the first meeting for scientific research that the presented summaries shall be releated to the main aspects of the meeting within the following specifications:

  • It shall be concise and comprehensive summary of words no more than (250-300 words).
  • Font style: Simplified Arabic, size: 14; page format from top and bottom 2.5 cm , right 3.5 and left 3 cm.
  • It shall imply the general idea of the raised study and be relevant to the subject of the Meeting.
  • It shall be well structured and written in clear and understandable language.
  • The proposed theoretical framework shall be meaningful, viable, attractive and relevant to the subject of the meeting.
  • Providing a new and original information related to the subject of the meeting.
  • Presenting the summary within the specified time to receive summaries.
<>·Rename files sent depending on the type and address of the file and the name of the applicant. Example: (summary of the ethics of scientific research by Dr. Aisha Al Harbi), (view the ethics of scientific research by Dr. Abdulwahab Alrseni), (CV, Ethics of Scientific Research by Dr. Abdulwahab Alrseni). 
<>·Sending summaries with CV, and then the presentations to e-mail of the Organizing Committee.

Note: the Masters and PhDs thesis is not presented in the exhibition, except the  published ones.

The approved forms in the first meeting for scientific research.

CV form

Summary application form


The Important Deadlines of the Meeting

the deadline for receiving summaries

15 / 1 / 1438 AH

the date of reporting the results of the assessed summaries

30 / 1 / 1438 AH

The last deadline for receiving the e-presentation

30 / 2 / 1438 AH