Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2016/04/05

Oral sciences department was established, as the rest of the four departments of the college, by a recommendation of the University Council at its seventh session in 15/6/1428 AH. The department began its duties with the other departments of the college on
17/10/1428AH. The department began teaching in the college in 1430AH.


2- Mission:

To participate in providing quality education for students and professionals in dentistry, and to take part in scientific research in the College.

3- Objectives:


A- Educational objectives:

  • The College participation in providing high-level educational environment adequate for graduating specialized skilled dentists, committed to the ethics of the profession, the Islamic religion, and professionalism.
  • The College participation in training and qualifying dentists in accordance with the highest international standards.
  • Qualifying graduates to take responsibility in raising the level of oral and dental health services in the region through self - learning and continuing medical education.
  • Providing graduates with knowledge and skills required to meet the needs and expectations of society and the profession.
  • Using innovative educational strategies based on discussion, problem- solving and self- assessment of the academic programs, teaching and assessment methods.
  • Paying attention to scientific research and focusing on student participation in research projects.


B: Community goals:

  • Participating in providing dental services and care for members of the community through clinics of teaching faculty.
  • Providing consultations and advice related to dental health.
  • Taking part in providing dental services convoys to serve community members, pilgrims and members of the rural community.
  • Taking part in providing dental services to serve patients with special needs.


4- Values:

  • Commitment to Islamic and medical ethics.
  • Commitment to medical professionalism.
  • Commitment to promoting teamwork in practices as well as in leadership.
  • Respect for the rules and policies of practicing health care services.