Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2016/06/13


The department aims at producing a social worker able to confront the local and international challenges for their profession and society, and advancing them in a remarkably efficient, professional way.



The Social Working Department works on qualifying a social worker with highly professional, ethical and skilful potentialities that help them bring about social change and cope with it in every way. In so doing, the Department draws on the Islamic teachings and scientific research as a crucial strategy to studying the behavior of individuals, groups and social environment. The department further adopts the professional intervention plans in order to advance the society and its institutions and systems,  develop the effective participation and contribute to studying the social problems and face them at the domestic and national levels.   



  1. Preparing and producing social workers scholarly, practically and ethically qualified for practicing the social working profession with the individuals, groups, institutions and organizations working in the social care fields.
  2. Contributing to studying and facing the problems facing the social and economical development processes for the Kingdom’s society.
  3. Contributing to the Saudi society development at the domestic and national levels with the social, economical and cultural aspects included.
  4. Conducting and designing the scientific researches and studies in all the fields relevant to the social working profession.
  5. Linking the program and college with the outside society through providing specialized scientific services and highly professional consultations for the individuals, groups, institutions and society.